9+ Free Best WordPress Plugins That You Must Install Now

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If you want to start a website/blog for your business or personal, then you can simply do it. But managing a website needs requires lot of work.

And to make it simple, you can use WordPress and it is one of the world’s famous content management systems.

It is so popular because of its ease of use and it is used by many famous websites. You can add more features to it by installing the best WordPress plugins.

It is also used by developers because it is “open source”. Open source is nothing but the original source code is freely available and you can modify it to your own use.

 Free Best WordPress Plugins

That’s why WordPress is flexible and you can modify the source code.

If you need some good designs for your website, you can install the themes

Plugins help you to perform various functions such as

  • Protect your website from spammers
  • Create and manage sitemaps
  • Compress images
  • Add contact form to your website
  • Track growth of your website
  • Track statistics and prevent attacks

There are more than 52766 plugins in the WordPress official directory. Then how to know which plugins you should install?

If you own a website for your personal or business use, you must have to install these necessary WordPress plugins. And also installing unnecessary plugins will slow down your website.

Here is the list of free best WordPress plugins that you must install today.

Akismet Anti-Spam

We don’t want spam but when your website goes live, spam is common in comments.

Do you know about comment spam?

If any comment in your blog doesn’t have relevant thought or explanation or it contains any irrelevant question or links, then it is considered as spam.

You have to prevent these spam comments because this may annoy your readers and damage your brand name. False comments also bring bad user experience. If you want to identity spam comments, then this article will help you.

Akismet is the official anti-spam plugin of WordPress and it is pre-installed with every WordPress installation. After installing WordPress, you can see the plugin in your dashboard. You have to activate it and get an API key.

To get the API key, click “Get your API key” and follow the instructions.

Once you have finished, paste the API key in the textbox. It also allows you to choose where your spam comments should go.

Yoast SEO

This plugin will help you to configure on-page, on-site SEO, and robots.txt file. With this tool, you can select a keyword and optimize your page around it.

Once you have installed this plugin, you can see the SEO suggestions while writing the post.

You will get the preview of your post snippet that is shown in search engines.

You can add focus keyword and the yoast SEO will give you suggestions on title and header tags, your post’s readability score and the keyword density. It provides useful SEO suggestions when writing a blog post and that’s why it is one of the best WordPress plugins.

WP Super Cache

What is a cache?

Cache is the temporary storage location for the files. When you visit a website, your browser will store the files in its cache from web pages you have visited.

When you visit the website again, the browser displays the web pages from the cache, if the web page doesn’t contain any new data. And also if there is any new data, the browser checks and downloads the updated content files.

When you load entire web page from server, it takes more loading time and it slowdowns your website.

Nobody wants to visit the slow website again. That’s why you need the WP Super Cache plugin.

This plugin creates static pages of your website. Instead of processing the full PHP scripts every time, these static pages are served.

So this will improve the page loading time and helps to speed up your website.

Don’t forget to install this free best WordPress plugin and enjoy the great user experience.


Jetpack helps you to achieve the following things

  • Track your website statistics
  • Design your website
  • Automatically share your new posts into social media
  • Related posts

Above listed features are available in free version. In paid version, you can get some additional features such as daily backups, spam protection and SEO tools.

Once you have installed it, it will show you the Dashboard. Click “Settings” and the settings are displayed in new tab window.

Google XML sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs of a website which is accessible to crawlers and users.

If you want to index your site then sitemap is must because this helps search engines to crawl and index your site properly.

Any updates or addition of new URLs should be updated in sitemap.

And doing this manually is a tedious task. That’s why you need the Google XML Sitemap plugin.

When you install this plugin, this creates a dynamic sitemap of your WordPress site. This plugin notifies the search engines when you add a new blog post or update an existing post.

And also the sitemap created by this WordPress plugin is compatible with all major engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

WP Forms

Want to add a contact form to your website?

Then go for WP Forms plugin which is an easy drag and drop form builder.

After installing this plugin, you can choose a template from the mostly created forms. Then you can customize the form by dragging and dropping the fields you want.

When you finished building the form, simply click the embed button at the top of the window and paste the short code into the page where you want to show the contact form.

WP Optimize plugin

The posts and pages created by you are stored in the WordPress database tables as a new row.

When you edit a post or page, WordPress automatically saves the new revision to the database as a new row.

If you edit a post 10 times you might have 10 copy of that post as revisions (10 new rows). This takes up the valuable space of your database which will also slow down your website.

That’s why you have to install the WP Optimize plugin. This plugin removes the unnecessary post revisions and cleans up your comment table by removing spam and unapproved comments.

Therefore to keep your database clean, run this best WordPress plugin at scheduled intervals.


Images play an important role in any website. Images are shared more than written content.

Large size images takes more loading time and it will slow down your site. Then how to get rid of it?

By compressing images, you can reduce the image file size and increase your site loading time. To achieve this, smush.it plugin can be used.

Smush.it compresses the image at the time of loading and the image quality remains same. It also helps you to bulk compress all your uploaded images.

So, install smush.it and ensure that “Automatic smushing is enabled” is displayed at the top right corner of the window. This feature compresses the images that you upload and also displays how many megabytes you have saved because of using smush.it.

Social Media plugin

Social media sharing will help you to increase traffic and improve search engine ranking.

To integrate social bookmarking buttons in your website, you can use social media plugin

This plugin comes with most important social bookmarking buttons.


Listed here are some of the very essential WordPress plugins and don't forget to install these plugins. I will update this list if I found any other essential WordPress plugins.

Hope this list of free best WordPress plugins will be useful for you.

If you find this post useful, then do share it.


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9+ Free Best WordPress Plugins That You Must Install Now
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