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Save your favorite posts in Instagram

  19-04-2017 By Nithi
Everyone have some memorable posts and photos in social media. Most of us want to see our favorite posts or...

Fly around the world with new Google Earth

  19-04-2017 By Nithi
Google introduced the new version of Google Earth on the web and Android. Google Earth now on the web in...

How to unfriend or remove a friend on Facebook

  16-04-2017 By Nithi
Do you want to remove a friend from your friend’s list in Facebook? You can easily unfriend or remove a...

How to block or unblock someone on Facebook

  15-04-2017 By Nithi
Social media is used for content sharing and interaction among people. Through social networking websites, one person can meet and...

Top 50 Ranked Management Institutions in India 2017

  09-04-2017 By Nithi
Are you searching for the top 50 ranked management institutions in India ? If so, read the institutions and their...

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