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5 Javascript rules to increase website speed

  09-05-2017 By Nithi
Nearly half of the web users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. How much time your...

How to minify HTML, CSS and Javascript files

  05-05-2017 By Nithi
File Minification Minification is a process of removing whitespace and other nonessential characters like code comments and formatting, removing unused...

11 best websites to download free images

  02-05-2017 By Nithi
Including visuals in our blog or website is an effective way to attract visitors, so choosing and incorporating high-quality visuals...

Microsoft To-Do - Intelligent Task Management App

  22-04-2017 By Nithi
Microsoft has launched a new task management app named Microsoft To-Do, which helps to easily plan and manage your day-to-day...

Benefits of to do lists | Tackle your to do lists

  21-04-2017 By Nithi
We often forget things that are to be done. To-do list help us stay organized by assuring that we don’t...

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