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Top 5 popular free websites to test your site loading time

  21-05-2017 By Nithi
Everyone wants to visit the fastest website. If your site takes more time to load, then the visitor don't want...

3 changes in server can speed up your website load time

  20-05-2017 By Nithi
Do you think that your website loading slow? Few changes in server can speed up your website load time. A...

6 ways how content can fasten your website page speed

  19-05-2017 By Nithi
How fast is your website? Speeding up your website can help to rank well with Google. Since 2010, Google has...

Amazing Font Awesome Icons Cheat sheet

  09-05-2017 By Nithi
Font Awesome or fa icons is a popular web font and icon toolkit. If we need icons for our website...

5 CSS rules to speed up your website

  09-05-2017 By Nithi
Every second in page load is very important, because even a second delay can make your user visit your competitor’s...

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